Warehouse + knife

Innovation is the first lever for the Chinese economy mentioned by Huang Qifan (see yesterday’s article). The journalist who was interviewing him likes to look at the composition of the characters.

创新 chuàng xīn means innovation, he recalled the composition of the first character : 创 chuàng: 仓 warehouse + 刂 knife.
仓 entrepôt refers to storing and accumulating and 刂 knife to means, tools and processes. This parenthesis allowed him to make the transition to another subject: how to use (knife) the knowledge acquired (warehouse) and therefore how to innovate and what process to have to use his innovations.

Innovation in Chinese, chinese character chuang

An explanation that helps to better retain this character (which has other meanings in the first tone, but that’s another story…).
创 chuàng: create, begin, accomplish for the first time.

Source: Minute 22 :

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20 August 2020