Santa Claus does not come to the White House

By Wang Jinsong 王锦松 from the Singapore newspaper Lianhe zaobao 联合早报Santa Claus laughs as Trump watches the election results:

Singapore Cartoon

呵呵 hē hē,onomatopoeia – hihi
选举, xuǎn jǔ, elect, elections
结果, jié guo, result, outcome 

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“Political distancing” for Mr. Trump

Mr. Trump’s double standard view

16 December 2020

“Political distancing” for Mr. Trump

Humor for the day:

Singapour dessin humour Wang Jinsong

Drawing by Wang Jinsong (王锦松漫画) from the Singapore daily Lianhe zaobao 联合早报 of June 9.

Above Trump’s head: “政治距离 Political distancing”.
The unmasked American President holds a piece of paper in his left hand on which is written: “峰会 G7, G7 Summit”. Meanwhile, the masked European leaders are leaving!

Other drawing of the author here

10 juin 2020

Mr. Trump’s double standard view

A drawing published on the website of the Lianhezaobao 联合早报,the biggest Chinese-language daily newspaper in Singapore, clearly shows the American vision with two criteria. The top picture shows Trump shouting “Democraty, 民主” in front of the ransacking in Hong Kong and on the bottom picture, the American president launches “Thugs,暴徒” in front of the ransacking in Minnesota. It is this same term of “thug” that the Beijing government uses to describe the Hong Kong “vandals”.

qTrump's double standard view with China

The cartoon made its way around the city-state’s social networks, especially when the wife of the Singaporean Prime Minister and chairman of the Temasek group posted the cartoon on her personal account.

Of course, the Chinese media did not miss the opportunity to take up this illustration and insisted on the usual American duplicity towards China.

No comment, Mr Trump!

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2 June 2020