About us

I still love the Forbidden City. I first came across it in 1988 with a group of tourists I was accompanying, and I got to know it better as a neighbor for fifteen years. It symbolizes China and its culture.
To know China is also to listen to the Chinese, from China or elsewhere.
This site approaches the country under different aspects from its Chinese voices without distinction of political color. Through readings or videos, I will echo subjects that interest the country.
Learning the language helps to penetrate the Chinese culture better. You will be able to read notes on the language, its characters, and subtleties.

Hutong snow Beijing

I traveled around the country for 20 years and met many specificities, which make the charm and the labyrinth of this very diversified territory. You won’t have any great generality to explain China because it is not made up of a single block. You will be able to discover experiences that will allow you to nuance the approach of a multiple and exciting China.

PS: One reader pointed out to me that I don’t talk about the problems with Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Chinese numbers on the COVID 19. The vast majority of the Western press covers these subjects; I don’t want to add noise to the noise. And in some cases, very little is known, there is a lot of speculation (Xinjiang, COVID figures).


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