Forget it, 算了!

算 suàn, means to count, calculate, plan. It is found in many common words of the same semantic field:
算帐, suàn zhàng, to do the count, to settle the score, to settle the score with sb.
算盘, suàn pán, abacus
打算, dǎ suàn, project, plan (to do sth), consider
预算, yù suàn, budget.

We add the particle 了 and stop calculating. 算了 takes the meaning of forget it, forget it, let’s not talk about it anymore! 了 is a particle that is used to indicate that an action is carried out and that a change is taking place. Here, we don’t do the math anymore!
An expression widely used in the spoken language.

In the scene below, Professor Hou has just been assaulted by a thug. His colleague tells him to let it go: “侯老师算了算了, Hóu lǎoshī suànle suànle, Professor Hou, let it go, let it go! »

From the series The long night, 沉默的真相, minute 30’53, episode 4.

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9 November 2020

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