中, it’s just as well

中 is the center, the middle. Pronounced in the 4th tone, 中 zhòng has the sense to hit right. Its origin goes back to the first graphs showing an arrow in the middle of its target.
Linked to this meaning, it has the function of a complement, it gives additional information about the verb, the result of the action.
With 猜 cāi, guess, 中 will bring the nuance on the correctness. We will translate 猜中 by guess right. Often used with 看, 看中  means to have a preference.
In the dialogue of an episode of 都挺好, Ming Yu tells her father that she guessed correctly the reason for her visit to the hospital.

Chinese character to guess

果然被我猜中了 guǒrán bèi wǒ cāi zhòng le, Indeed, I did guess it .
果然 guǒ rán, indeed / as expected
被 bèi, par / (used in front of a verb or in front of an agent complement to express a passive action)

Some verbs with 中 :
猜中 cāi zhòng, guess correctly / find the right answer
选中 xuǎn zhòng, choose / pick up / settle on / decide on a candidate / be selected for a role / select, highlight (inform.)
击中 jī zhòng, reach / touch syn.
看中 kàn zhòng, to have a preference for/ settle on 
打中 dǎ zhòng, hit (a target)

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