What a poison!

An attentive reader had asked me for explanations on 病毒 bìng dú, virus. I had written several articles on 病 and the key to the disease. In order to celebrate the brilliant results of the management of the virus by western governments, I am coming to 毒 today.

毒 dú, poisonous, poisonous, poisonous, nasty, drug

Let’s look at the first spellings:

毒 dú, poison, etymology of the Chinese character 1. Chinese character poisonThe upper part represents the herbs that grow, the lower part 母, which retains its old meaning, does not…not. A poison is a herb that must be refused. 2. Another explanation:
Cut poisonous herbs from which one makes a poison in a jar (L’idiot chinois, T.2, Ryjik, 64).

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26 September 2020

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