Cloud Story

How can modern characters be related to early representations of writing? Sometimes, gymnastics is not as easy as the changes have taken away meaning and origin. Simplification China does not “simplify” this search, but there are exceptions. The cloud character 云 yún is one of them.

The pictograms of the jiaguwen (inscriptions on turtle shells and animal bones) correspond to the simplified character 云: the horizontal line reminds the sky, and the lower part reminds the shapes of the clouds. The history of 云 continues, and 云 later meant to say. To avoid multiple confusion, it was decided to add the rain 雨 above 云: 雲.

云 cloud  chinese character

During the reform on the simplification of character on the continent, the first spelling 云 was reverted to while the so-called traditional 雲 continues its life elsewhere.

Below are several pictograms on the first line and the second line, the character with the rain :

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5 September 2020

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