Chinese character and politics

Sometimes, due to the vicissitudes of the characters, etymology is not a great help in retaining a character. You have to go through less conventional ways to find a mnemonic trick, see with the character 偷.

忠 zhōng, faithful, loyal is composed of 中 China and the 心 heart, 中 + 心 .
For 患 huàn, malheur, woe, contract, one considers that there are twice China and the heart, 串 + 心.
We are going to come on the political terrain with lightness and without taking ourselves seriously by standing on the side of China and saying: if we have one China in our heart, everything is fine, whereas if we have two China, it’s misfortune. As you have understood, we were alluding to the situation with Taiwan, without any political orientation.

患 huan chinese character woe

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