Heart + young

Serie 青

情,qíng,sentiment, emotion
情 = 忄 + 青. It is usual to see in this association the heart (in composition it can be written 忄) and 青 qing, phonetic element. Certainly, 青 gives the pronunciation. When we remember that 青 also means young, we can make the connection between youth and feelings, the ardour of the feelings of youth. At the same time, this way of looking at the structure of the character helps to remember the composition better.

情 Chinese character emotion qing

情 = 忄+ 青 = heart + youth

Some associations from 情 :

友情, yǒu qíng, friendship
情人, qíng rén, lover, lover (e)
情人节, Valentine’s Day
See an article on 人情.

Character article sorted by radical/theme :

Radical arrow 矢

Radical child 子

Radical eye 目

Radical heart 心

Radical illness 疒

Character 青

6 August 2020

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