Where are China’s universities concentrated?

The entrance exam for Universities – the famous Gaokao 高考, took place on July 7 and 8. 10.71 million students participated in the exam, 400,000 more than last year. The marks were published last weekend. Universities now choose future students based on their results and individual wishes. Where do these students go?

The Yangtze Delta

The Lianjia real estate agency network 链家 (6000 offices) details the observations of a study on universities. It shows that in 2018 three regions will stand out: the Yangtze Delta (Shanghai and the nearby provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Anhui) with 458 establishments, 17% of the total in China, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area as a whole 270, 10% and the Great Guangdong Bay region 181, 7%.
The first region has 5.08 million students, the second 3 million and the third 2.38 million. There is a Matthew effect; the universities tend to maintain their dominance. The less prestigious organizations lower tuition fees and offer stipends, but they cannot compete with their more prestigious competitors.

Jiangsu ahead

Among the provinces, Jiangsu, near Shanghai, is the province with the most universities (167), ahead of Guangdong (154) and Shandong (146).

Beijing, the first city

For cities, Beijing is first with Universities, ahead of Wuhan, 83, and Canton, 82. Shenzhen is in 40th place. Wuhan is ahead of Canton, Chongqing ahead of Shanghai. Students do not always work at their place of study; instead, they follow the economy’s movements. Just over 50% of the students graduating in 2019 from Qinghua University in Beijing work in the capital. For Shenzhen, the national Silicon Valley, which attracts many graduates, one expression sums up its situation well: “Shenzhen doesn’t train talent, it’s the work of other cities. »

The distribution of universities corresponds more to a historical legacy than to recent developments in the country. For example, the famous Northeastern institutes specializing in geology no longer meet the needs of the economy; they are less attractive.

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Source: Article by Lianjia

31 July 2020

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