To heal: return the arrow and alcohol

Yesterday, we saw that the word disease 疾 is composed of the disease radical 疒 and the arrow 矢. Let’s stay today on the arrow; it is interesting to see that it is part of the character meaning to heal, doctor.

In its traditional form 醫 and simplified form, 医 yī contains the arrow. Indeed, the evil was launched by evil spirits, so it had to be removed and sent back.
Ancient writing on the right:

Chinese character for healing doctor 医醫

醫 consists of the arrow in his quiver in the upper left corner, which is beaten and pulled by one hand to the right. Underneath, alcohol in a jar can sterilize the wound.
The simplified form has kept only the quiver and the arrow: 医
醫生/ 醫生 yī shēng means doctor.

Traditional character on the left, simplified on the right :

Chinese character to heal to cure  medicine  医 chinese character to heal to cure yi

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18 July 2020

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