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The We Chat super app has changed, if not revolutionized, many Chinese habits over the last decade. It combines the benefits of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple Pay, with many additional features that make it indispensable for individuals and businesses. You can practically do everything without cash in everyday life. We Chat is accepted almost everywhere. The Tencent group company is continually developing and improving its offers and has been working for the past six months on a “Zero Yuan Shop” application. What are its features?

We Chat Zero Cost Store

We chat store no cost

This platform has been in test since July 14 with a group of merchants and has several advantages. It does not require any service fees. We Chat is rewarded with a commission of 0.6% of the transaction amount. Thus, it makes it possible to lower costs while offering multiple services, distribution of information on articles, promotion, issuing coupons, order taking, logistics, customer service and after-sales service, payment. Payment is transferred directly to the merchant’s We Chat account.
A company may have fifty stores, an individual entrepreneur five. Today, only individual entrepreneurs and companies can participate in the test period. Compared to other platforms, We Chat allows you to open your store faster and have lower costs. Without any technical knowledge, one can sell his products.

The simplicity summarized in the formula “一键开店, One-Click Shop” should attract merchants and strengthen the power of the group, which is omnipresent in everyday life. A new transformation to be expected? We Chat’s strike force should, at the very least, give a boost to the small business, which needs it.


0 成本的微信小商店内测!「一键开店」的新功能会影响哪些人
微信小商店0元开店 降低卖货门槛

17 July 2020

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