Characters with the radical the disease 疒

After analyzing the composition of the character 病 disease here, let’s look at the key 疒 associated with other characters. With some basic characters, we can understand some other less frequent characters :

疒 :+ complete 全 = cure 痊 quán. Healing is the full recovery of health.

Illness+ wind = crazy in chinese

+ wind 风 = crazy 疯 fēng. A madman has his brain bothered by the wind?

+ nail 丁= boil 疔 dīng. A boil is like a pimple or a nail that bites.

+ mountain 山 = hernia 疝 shàn. A hernia is a bulge, a mountain can be seen as a swelling on the earth.

+ understand 了 = care 疗 liáo. When we understand the disease, we can cure it.

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