Woman + fetus = ?

We have seen the character 巳 which initially designated a fetus, then 包, contain, carry in this article.

We find again 巳, but this time the sinogram lost a stroke to become 己 during the character reform under the first Qin Shi emperor 秦始皇帝.
The fetus associated with the character of the woman gives (女 + 已 ) 妃 fēi, imperial concubine. Originally, a concubine was seen as a mother.
One of the first spellings of the character:

妃 chinese character

From the 3rd century B.C. Av. From the 3rd century B.C., the princely palaces had more and more concubines. They were considered for the pleasure they brought and no longer as mothers. A fringe of specialists can thus explain the slight change in character on the right.
The history of a language reflects the history of society!

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3 July 2020

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