Eyebrow 眉 + Woman 女 = ?

We had seen the character for eye 目, when we associate it with another part, we have the eyebrow 眉 méi (see the article here).

We can put the character for woman on the left 女 : 媚 mèi, what meaning does it have? Originally 媚, meant “to raise eyebrows for a woman”. By extension, it gave “to please, to flatter someone”.
A good way to easily remember a character that is not used very frequently :女+眉 =媚.

Note that 眉 méi also gives the sound 媚 mèi, only the tone changes.

One of the ancient writings :

foule chinois caractère 众

Find the notes on the characters with 目 eye here and on the Chinese language here.

19 June 2020

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