Tips to remember the Chinese character, 休息, to rest

Tips to remember, 休息, to rest

Characters for rest, 休息,are easy to remember even if you don’t respect the story. The first character contains the man 人 and the tree 木. The idea is a man who comes to stand near a tree to rest :

xiu 休 to have a rest in chinese

The second, 息, includes 自, a part close to that of the eye 目, and the heart 心, the first represents the senses and the second the intellect, the brain.

We have a man who comes to rest near a tree to rest the senses and the brain. To rest in short. Of course, we can read these characters at various levels, psychological and spiritual for example.

You can find the articles on the characters and the Chinese language here.

27 May 2020

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