Tips to remember a Chinese character

Following the article on the character 赢, win, several readers asked me if there were any such tips to remember how to write a character. There are many, they are tricks that do not always reflect the real origin of the character, but they help a lot.

to steal Chinese 偷

One of my students in Taipei, had amused me in the 80’s with the character 偷 tōu, steal (in the neighbour’s pocket, not in the air). On the left, we have the key to the man, 亻. Above, we still have the character of the man, 人, with underneath a line, 一. For our memorization goal, we consider this to be the roof of the house.Below the moon, 月 and the key of the knife, 刂.

The idea to remember is simple: At night (symbolized by the moon), a man enters through the roof with a knife. Hence the idea of flying.

Is it simple? Yes, it’s simple!

order of stroke chine character

23 may 2020

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