Lovers’ Day, Taiwan and the Chinese Government

The multiple possibilities of homophony of the Chinese language and the flexibility of the articulation of the sentences allow many word games and the arrangement of short and eloquent formulas.

May 20 and 21 are important days for lovers on the Chinese Internet. In China, the number of the month is pronounced first, followed by the day number, which gives for May 20, “5 20” for short, and for May 21, “5 21”. Internet users have found a homophony (approximate!) :
between 520 (五二零 wu er ling) and I love you (我爱你 wo ai ni), 
and 521 (五二一wu er yi) and I love you or I consent (我愿意 wo yuanyi). So they called these two days the lovers’ party:


An ironic Taiwanese business journalist recalled that the newly re-elected Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing Wen, made her inaugural speech on 20 May, the day on which her declaration of love can be made on the first day of the festival. The Chinese government sends her a sign by starting the two assemblies on the second day of the feast, May 21, when the bride gives her consent. Is everything all right then?

You don’t have to be serious every day!

19 May 202O

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