White House-Beijing: the background of the story

The constant turnarounds of the unstoppable Trump are transforming the international political scene into a veritable play, see here. Admittedly, many questions about the early stages of the coronavirus epidemic await clarification from China. In vain!
Nevertheless, the current roar of the White House should not make us forget the essential point, the goal of the strategy of the administration in place since 2017: China must not overtake the United States, especially at the economic level. The Taiwanese economist Lang Xianping, 郎咸平, summarizes on his Weibo account in a few sentences:
“Many people wonder why there is so much tension between the US and China. The heart of the problem lies in fact in China’s growing technological capabilities: especially the considerable advance in 5G that has caused unprecedented fear and anger in the United States. Since the Second World War, the United States has relied on technology and an advanced financial system to dominate the world. There is no doubt it will strongly defend itself if its position is challenged.That is why we must be vigilant and do basic scientific research at the same time. »

Photo of Lang’s message:

Chine Etats-Unis

16 May 2020

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