In search of freedom, to Taiwan

The political turmoil in relations between Hong Kong and the Chinese government may encourage some Hong Kongers to seek refuge elsewhere. The agreements on Hong Kong’s return to Mainland China had already led to significant departures to the American continent in the early 1990s. Threats to the great idea of the Deng Xiaoping era, “One country, two systems” are not reassuring. The Communist government’s clear desire to strengthen its control over Hong Kong raises fears of the worst.

From Hong Kong to Taiwan
The immigration movement from Hong Kong to Taiwan has never been large. Beijing also remains a threat to Taiwanese democracy. The number of Hong Kong immigrants increased by 85% from 2014 to 2016, from 697 to 1300, and stagnated for the next two years. Of course, for a population of 7.5 million, it is not a lot!

Political refugees
The figures for last year are not yet available, as various indications point to a strong increase. Several hundred students sought refuge on the soil of the Republic of China last year. Bookseller Lam Wing-kee (林榮基), who was kidnapped in 2017 and imprisoned for eight months for distributing books in China that were not favourable to the communist regime, has also decided to move to Taiwan, where he has just reopened his bookshop, but in Taipei.

Hong Kong Taiwan

黄秋生, Anthony Perry
The Hong Kong actor, 黄秋生, Anthony Perry, on his Facebook page indicates that he is in Taiwan, in quarantine for 14 days. Arriving from his hometown, he is complying with health regulations. To a person who asked him if he was preparing to take Taiwanese nationality, he replied in three characters: “準備中, In preparation! »

Anthony Perry Taïwan

He didn’t give any more details. The news has been all over Taiwanese media, which is questioning it for. The artist had sided with the 2014 umbrella movement and the 2019 protests against the amendment of the extradition law. China made him pay for his opposition, films financed by mainland China have since ignored him. 

Most of his compatriots are travelling 700km to find more freedom of expression and not to find themselves at the mercy of arrest or kidnapping for taking a public stand against new regulations. Will the movement grow? Very possible! 

13 May 2020

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