Beijing, the high point of the two Assemblies

The dates of the two Assemblies have been set, on 21st and 22nd of May (see article). The high point of this session will be the economy. Journalist Wang Jian, 王剑, based in the United States, on his Youtube channel, sets out 10 questions that both Assemblies cannot avoid, 中国人大政协两会无法回避的十大问题.

Les deux Assemblées

  1. Macroeconomic measures to be taken. Since the economic recovery at the beginning of March, no major measures have been taken to solve the problem of unemployment and the bankruptcy of SMEs.
  2. What is the economic objective? Local governments need clear objectives to start economic policies. At the moment, they have no direction.
  3. How to solve the problem of corporate bankruptcies?
  4. How to solve the problem of urban unemployment? Some municipalities have been pushing workers back to the countryside, but this is not a solution.
  5. What do we do with the financial difficulties of local governments? They need to provide certain services, including medical, health, education and transport services.
  6. Export companies are facing difficulties of exporting, with no guidelines from the government. Their business model does not allow them to turn to the domestic market, otherwise they would have done so long ago.
  7. The problem of foreign relations, particularly with the United States.
  8. The Silk Roads project, which has required large resources. 
  9. What is the foreign policy, what is the strategy?
  10. For the epidemic, how is China going to deal with the responsibility that several countries want it to bear and the financial compensation?

The Chinese government is facing the greatest difficulties since 1989. At the national level, it has to provide solutions to boost the economy and at the foreign level, the United States is the focal point.

4th of May 2020

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