Sign of the end of the epidemic?

Finally, the dates for the two assemblies have been set!

“The two assemblies, 两会,” refer to the annual plenary sessions of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the National People’s Congress. They were to be held in March, but the epidemic forced the government to postpone them. The new dates were announced on 30 April, with the first session starting on 21st May and the second on 22nd May. 

Dates fixées

This event, a high point in Chinese political life, takes on even greater significance this year, as it signals the government’s confidence in controlling the epidemic. Indeed, it was unthinkable to set a date with a virus that continued to circulate in the country and in the capital. The story of the victorious fight against the epidemic could not be tarnished by an infected capital city. 

The important points
This year, the economy should be the most important point, although it is not certain that the government is setting a target for 2020 after a 6.8% drop in GDP in the first quarter. Economic stimulus measures and tax cuts are expected.
Lifting people out of poverty, 脱贫, the goal for 2020 will also be at the forefront. On 29th April, the province of Anhui announced that nine districts had been lifted out of poverty. Seven provinces have yet to lift districts out of poverty.
Legislative revisions to health regulations

Article on the subject :
中国确定两会时间令世界瞩目 外媒:显示国家回归正常

Friday, 1rst of May

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